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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I regretted for not sharing the chart for Noble earlier!  I have spotted the dual buy signals from the chart on last Tuesday ( circled ).  However,  I have withheld the post due to my prejudice against the STI being high and may due for pull back.. 

Noble Chart 1 ( dual buy signals surfaced on last Tuesday )

Noble Chart 2 ( Trend Expert bullish crossover )

Well, the charts above are hindsight. What next ?  

Based on today's technical scan, Yanlord ( $1.275 ) is having similar dual buy signals and Trend Expert bullish crossover. Do note that it is not realistic to expect a 13.5 cents gain like Noble every time when there is a buy signal. As a matter of fact, not all buy signals work especially if the index is not doing well.  So, index come first, then individual stocks. Should STI tumbles, the buy signal should not be taken.

Yanlord Chart 1 ( Trend Expert bullish crossover )

Yanlord Chart 2 ( dual buy signals )

Finally, a giant inverted head and shoulders pattern was spotted on GPL. However, this will only benefit long term investors and not short term traders. The price objective for the pattern is $3.0 but it will take some time to achieve.