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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Longcheer breakout from a Cup and Handle chart pattern today. Price objective $1.05 ( probably take a few months with ups and downs in between ).
PS: According to Bulkowski, the failure rate for this patter is 38%.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Market Update

Lately, much of my time was devoted to Forex ! As far as equity market is concerned, STI has turned bullish as expected after clearing the various critical chart points mentioned before ( 2,772, 2,797, 2850 ). Both daily & weekly charts are now bullish signaling the correction is over ( that said, it does not mean there will be no down days ). Since the uptrend has resumed, down days provide us with the opportunity to "buy on dip". Immediate resistance 2,888.

IndoAgri Update:

What a humongous rally today! As shown below, the system buy signal showed up four days ago ( green arrow ) and it has proven to be reliable.


System buy signal ( green arrow ) shows up today ! Let's see if this will be another IndoAgri moving forward. Take note on the last buy signal on around December 23 and the subsequent rally. Not vested and probably won't, just watching !

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Yanlord appears to have bottomed on Feb 8 at $1.55. Although it has risen by 40 cents since then, it is never too late for entry. In fact, buy signal has not even surfaced yet. We need to watch whether it is able to break the downtrend line as shown ! Once cleared, more upside !