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Monday, October 15, 2012

Sector In Play - F&B and Property

The Straits Times Index is currently bearish. Despite bearish market, there are sectors which outperformed the market. Currently, Food & Beverage ( F&B ) and Property Sectors are in play.

For F&B, take a look at :
Y03 Yeo HS ( rallied from 2.28 to 5.39 in 5 days )
K03 KhongGuan,
A23 Auric,
Q01 QAF,
P05 PFood… all have long candles today. 

For property, take a look at :
O10 Far East Orchard,
S05  Sim Lian,
H18 HoGGen,
E5P HrGlass…etc. All these have presence of fund.

Most of the above have skyrocketed and too far to chase. Let's now look at one which still have not run up too far yet - Super Group :

 PS: KepT&T is very near to the price objective. Today closed at $1.425

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